The problem with blogging

I feel as though I’ve got a lot of explaining to do. Namely, about this long as fuck leave of absence that I’ve taken from this blog. If you’re after something funny or interesting you might be sorely disappointed. But if you’ve been wondering where I’ve gotten to, please keep reading. I’m about to write what will hopefully be cathartic for me & a bit of an insight for you.

When I started ‘See Squared’ I didn’t give a fuck. Literally. I just wanted to write because I liked writing. Simple, right? My blasé attitude towards people’s feelings about me in real life was ASSUMED to carry over into internet life. That’s where the problem began.

You could come up to me in real life & tell me you didn’t like me. I’d probably tell you I didn’t like you too, as I assume you wouldn’t like me for a reason & I probably harboured the same detest. I would sleep soundly that night not thinking about the aversion we had to each other. We would know each other somewhat well, & so we both had a right to come to the conclusions we had of each other.

When I write, it’s a little part of me. It manifests in my brain, shoots down my synapses, & materialises out of my fingers while I am typing. Even when I’m writing about ‘nothing’, it’s not nothing. It’s an hour or so of my time spent crafting something. Like an artist painting, I care about my words. They piss me off when I can’t get them right. They upset me when it’s about something dear to my heart. I smile when I’m trying to be funny.

The point is, when I surmise my two arguments above & they become one: my writing is personal & when someone doesn’t know me, & judges me for it, it can hurt. Like being called a slut when I wasn’t even discussing sex. You can call me an idiot in real life & I’ll shrug & probably call you one too. But on the internet? You don’t even know me. How can that even make sense? Why would you say that?

This revelation of sensitivity has shocked me. I’m perplexed by it & I hate it. What a sook I have become seemingly overnight. I keep telling myself if I can’t handle the heat, then WHY am I in the kitchen? Leave. It’s so simple. Stop doing it if it’s not making you happy. Life is that simple at times, I think.

But I don’t want to leave. I want to keep going. While I begrudgingly move forward I’m still working through this double-edged sword that has surprised me. It’s not laziness, I want you to know that. I kind of think about this brain-child of a blog every single day, & I want to make it better. Like it’s a digital appendage that I want to work & make stronger. It’s a representation of me, & I’ve neglected it shockingly.

I’m not saying don’t talk smack about me. That’s delusional. I’m sorry for having such weak resolve.

Onwards & upwards, I’m ready to move on.

Courtney xx

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9 thoughts on “The problem with blogging

  1. Maddison says:

    This is such a wonderful read Courtney!

    I really enjoy that you try to acknowledge both sides of the coin when you write (e.g your WAG posts) and do it in such a way that I end up on the floor laughing and thinking you’ve just written my exact feelings about life in general!

    Keep doing what you love because it’s awesome and brightens my day just that little bit more.


    • courtc28 says:

      You’ve brightened MY day! What a lovely thing to read, probably when it’s needed most too. Hopefully have you in stitches again soon now that I’ve got the ball rolling again 😀

  2. Don Roca says:

    Smile pal. You’re doing great loving it all. Fuck the judges they don’t know shit haha don’t stop writing.

  3. Jen Dent says:

    Can I just say I check my emails on the daily in hopes you have written another blog entry!
    Fuck the haters, you’re a gem! Funny, witty and a drop dead stunner!
    You know Internet haters, they are generally the same people in real life who are lonesome and have some grudge against life.
    Keep it up gorgeous!
    And if all that doesn’t help and you still have a shit day, look at funny cats on the Internet, that shit oughta pep you up a smidge xxx

  4. Cobi Mackay says:

    Well said!! Succinct and absolutely perfect. Xx

  5. MirandaJD says:

    Thanks for such a candid explanation! It’s great to know that others feel the same way, and I’m glad you’re back to blogging – love to read your stuff. x

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