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Pink bits


All too often I am quick to tell people how much I miss Melbourne because, “the shopping is so much better”. It’s really hard to beat Chadstone or Chapel Street. Chadstone has every which label, cosmetic & THING you could ever need. I used to work there, & spent more than I made. I was 18 & it was GREAT. Like most humans with a vajayjay, I love clothes. I love shopping. I love things that sparkle. Candles? Yep I will take three. IS THAT GLITTER NAIL POLISH?! I need that too. Perfume? Um hello, I have 20 but I need another.


To my delight I found a special little place, my favourite shop right now: COCO PINK COTTESLOE. It was recommended I check it out, & even though it’s not really near me I drove to Cottesloe & had a peek. I’m not sure if it’s good that I did, or bad that I did. My bank account says it was very bad. My heart says it was very good. This little store is a treasure trove of delights. Amazing clothes; the kind of stuff those fashion bloggers wear & you see everywhere on instagram. The pictures are super cool & you just have to have the whole outfit. This is where you can get it. Also, THEY HAVE A VERSACE TEACUP. No one buy it, because I want need it. If you buy it, at least send me pictures, okay? Thank you.



I have clothes, candles, jewellery & nail polish from Coco Pink. Whenever I go in, I CANNOT stop at one. I dare you to try, & let me know how you go. I love this place, it has too many beautiful things. It’s worth mentioning that they stock KLUMINATI CLOTHING for the lads. Best men’s tees around, but I am biased! It’s well worth a visit when you Perth ladies can get down. Do like I have & pop down after a gym sesh & treat yourself for all those squats & lunges. Then get a coffee to refuel. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Coco Pink Facebook HERE

Coco Pink address HERE

cocopink_cottesloe on Instagram

Happy shopping.

Be back soon

I’ve been MIA lately. It’s killing me, I’m sorry.

This is just a quick note to tell you all I love you very much (truth) & that I’m in my last few days of university EVER & will be taking a little hiatus.

In the mean time, please drop me a line HERE & tell me what YOU want to hear next so when I come back I can give you what you want. Which is the most important thing.

I’m in Bali next week, but will blog from there if I can. If not, Hello November!


Goodbye for just a tiny little while. I’ll dream of you,

Courtney x

Twerk, Miley, Miley, twerk

I considered calling this post “feminism, hip hop & Miley Cyrus” but Jay-Z’s lyrics from Somewhere in America are way better & a lot less dry. At first I thought maybe Jay-Z was taking a jibe at Miley; little ‘white girl’ trying to twerk to get internet hits. Instead, it suggests that hip hop culture is now the mainstream. Race, ethnicity, background, country matter not… Hip hop is king. I wish I could twerk. I wish I could rap. It’s all I really listen to. Hip hop, rap & trap. I’m not one for ‘the classics’ at all. Yuck. & sorry if that offends anyone, it’s just not my style in any which way. This post isn’t really to discuss the rap game & where Miley fits into it. Or even her penchant for “twerking” (Miley I love you but what a pitiful attempt. I can’t twerk. So, importantly, I don’t. To my dismay). I am 210% team Miley so I’ve been following her very public spat with Sinead O’Connor. Read about it here.

I’m really disturbed. Not by Miley gyrating half naked. Not by her sitting on a wrecking ball with the chain perched perfectly between her tiny thighs, right in the sweet spot. Not at all by her rapping in 23 (holy shit someone finally made an anthem for a little white girl like me who loves hip hop. Can’t wait to dance to this on tables should the chance arise) but by SINEAD. By her open letter. Actually, by THREE letters she posted on her site to Miley. Brings a new meaning to ‘We Can’t Stop’. It seems Sinead could not stop trying to tell Miley why she is such a horrendous role model & to stop shaking her ass IMMEDIATELY. This is where the feminism part comes in.

I am not familiar with Sinead O’Connor. I had to google her. I think it’s a combination of both being too young, and having no interest in golden old tunes. I did, however, know her as ‘the woman with a shaved head’ for want of a better description. Her face was very familiar. So, she is obviously a pioneer in the music industry and an idol for a lot of people. So I am not discrediting her in any way. More admitting my ignorance. Sinead seems to be a feminist & a trail blazer. So why, then, is she using the most loaded language I have ever read in my life? Likening Miley’s actions to a prostitute, & telling her she is being “pimped” by the industry seems hardly any different to just taking the dive & calling her a whore. She goes on the say that sexuality & compassion are somewhat mutually exclusive:

“If they want you sexually that doesn’t mean they give a fuck about you. All the more true when you unwittingly give the impression you don’t give much of a fuck about yourself.”

Where to start with this? Being overtly sexual, as a woman, will mean that no one cares about you. Perhaps she means only the music industry, but as a feminist l think this reflects her values & beliefs in general. So, back to it then: if you flaunt your sexuality men (& women, I guess) will not give half a fuck about you let alone a whole fuck or multiple fucks. But you will get fucked, both literally & metaphorically. Also, if you employ an attitude of not overly caring about yourself or taking yourself too seriously, again you are setting yourself up for no one to give a fuck about you. I will reiterate that this may have been meant about the music biz, but surely reflects her values in general. I myself am a bit of a “I don’t give a fuck” kind of girl, like Miley in 23. Is Sinead telling me that this is wrong? That it is anti-feminist to act like a girl who doesn’t really give a fuck about much but being herself & having fun?


My head is hurting because for O’Connor’s desire to empower women, I think she has done the complete opposite. This is not feminism in my opinion. Singling someone out & attacking them for being provocative & wearing little clothing only perpetuates myths about women. “Cover up your tits. Do not swear. Act like a lady. Be quiet. Don’t have an opinion. Be seen & not heard”. I’ve been time warped back to the 1950’s.

I argue, actually, that Miley Cyrus may be something of a GOOD role model in some ways for women. Feminism as a movement or ideology to me is confusing. THIS SHIT IS JUST COMMON SENSE! We all deserve equality. If Justin Timberlake had’ve taken his clothes off & gyrated at the VMA’s it would have been “holy shit so hot did you see it?!”. Miley does it & it’s ‘slutty’. Sinead O’Connor suggested such a thing. Miley, on the other hand, just wants to be herself & do whatever she wants. Every single woman should be able to be themselves & do what they want. I believe this includes wearing skimpy clothes & shaking our asses like strippers if we so feel inclined. Does this actually make us strippers? No. & so what if we were strippers? Women are free to choose whatever career they like & as feminists we should either be encouraging or nonchalant. Not publicly condemn them.

Miley, while I might not want my future daughter gyrating with teddy bears, I myself would like to get turnt up & sip cough syrup with you & be the “bad bitch I really am”. Love or hate Miley, everyone should watch the documentary ‘Miley: The Movement’. Including Sinead. She comes across as a woman deeply sure of who she wants to be right now with a strong vision, & the orchestrator of her own “strategic hot mess”.


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Anxiety & a dash of OCD

I read recently that the way to keep your readers coming back is to be honest with them. No problems there. But also to reveal things about yourself & be relatable.

The relatable part is easy, for I am merely a normal person. Sorry for being blindingly obvious. The revealing part is also fine with me, as honesty is my best policy with you. But it is slightly scary knowing people potentially can start to put together the tatty patchwork of my whole life story without ever having to meet me. Blogger problems 101? I have decided that revealing things that scare the shit out of me & I wouldn’t EVER say to someone upon meeting them (“hey nice to meet you GUESS WHAT?! I’m having an anxiety attack. Nah it’s cool I pretty much do this daily”) is fine if it helps someone, makes someone feel somewhat better, or perhaps just says it because they feel like they can’t.

I’ve had my fair share of mental health issues, it’s been a constant thing since I was around 12 or 13. The thing is though, I am totally normal. Hell, I think I’m pretty smart & competent actually. People with these problems are often completely functioning members of society. You don’t necessarily have to be bed ridden to be unwell. This is important. In my view, the dialogue about depression has increased tremendously recently. Men’s mental health, post natal mental health, suicide awareness even, has become less ‘taboo’ & more we must do something about this now. I’ve been depressed, MANY people have, I’m sure you know at least more than one. But today I want to tell you about anxiety & why it’s one of the hardest things I have had to deal with. & why it’s so misunderstood.

It sort of snuck up on me I guess, in that way like when you were little one day you woke up with boobs like BAM. You didn’t really just WAKE UP with a busty chest, you just didn’t realise that each day they were growing slowly towards their potential gloriousness (in my case, that it was getting worse & worse). So I guess one day I woke up & all of a sudden I couldn’t leave the house without a sickening churning in my gut. Thinking about anything that had to be done was met with dread, the kind of dread you usually feel when you know something terribly horrible or terribly painful is coming your way. Was there anything terribly horrible or terrible painful imminent as I was sitting at my desk studying each day? No. So why was my body ALWAYS in fight or flight mode? My adrenal glands were haywire. Daily. I developed cystic acne along my jaw, which was both painful & had to be medicated. I had nightmares whenever I slept. I probably don’t have to mention I was constantly tired, but I just did. Sorry. EXHAUSTED. The way I dealt with my new found chronic anxiety was to express my worries with obsessive compulsive behaviour. My ‘thing’ or my ‘tick’ was locking doors. Yes, okay, we have ALL turned around to check we have locked the door. This was something I did multiple times, daily though. If I was with my partner, I would know he wouldn’t want to turn back. So I would ask 3-4 times “are you sure I locked the door?” to try to satiate my fully fledged anxiety attack building up inside me ready to explode like a container of food microwaved for too long. At home, on my own, I would check the back door was locked roughly every hour. I would check on our two puppies about the same, convinced they would either escape, or die, probably BOTH, if I didn’t. Utterly convinced the lack of these activities would cause the worst scenario possible. Classic OCD.

Not so funnily enough I can't find a photo of my skin in the midst of being ravaged from anxiety. This gives you a good idea, though.

Not so funnily enough I can’t find a photo of my skin in the midst of being ravaged from anxiety. This gives you a good idea, though.

I visited my GP about my skin, alarmed at the severity of the acne I had developed for the second time (the first time was when my ex partner passed away. I guess my skin tells me when I’m not coping with life because I choose to ignore it). She made an off the cuff remark, & I found myself saying “actually I can barely leave the house. My anxiety is ruining my life. That’s why my skin is so bad”. The flood gates had opened. The hardest part, you have probably heard before, actually IS saying it out loud. I feared there was not something ‘legitimately’ wrong with me, & that it would just go away. Anxiety & obsessive compulsive disorder are not things to ignore until they go away. Why let yourself suffer in silence & isolation when you certainly do not have to? Step outside of your own skin & imagine yourself as a friend. What would you tell them? For me it would be, “dude WHY aren’t you giving yourself the love & treatment you so obviously need? Let’s do something about this because you deserve to be happy”. Be your own best friend & take the steps to heal yourself. You deserve it. My GP wanted to medicate me daily. Now, I have done this maybe twice before. A lot of people say it made them feel dead inside, & they would rather be sad than be nothing. I’ve never felt this. I still have the same thoughts & feelings, perhaps the edges aren’t as razor sharp as before. But isn’t that kind of what you need when you hate yourself, hate life, or are constantly petrified? I am on the medication now as I type this. It hasn’t dulled my ability to write, & pain is not necessary to be an artist despite what romanticised stories may say. I was sick like a heroin junkie coming off smack for the first three days. Vomiting, vertigo, inability to concentrate. But after those three days I stopped feeling petrified for my life & riddled with anxiety every single day. It works.

We all experience anxiety in our lives. It’s a good thing when it’s functioning in the normal way it’s supposed to. Adrenaline is your best friend in that job interview or before you have a sitting to get tattooed. It serves a purpose. What makes it so misunderstood though is it is uncontrollable. For me, when I am in a full-blown-all-out-ride-or-die attack I am convinced I am dying. My body is telling me that through the physiological changes it is producing. Unnecessary bodily functions stop. Sweat begins. Pins & needles from head to toe. The racing thoughts of “oh shit help” with the loss of ability to think rationally. These are all things that would happen if you actually WERE in a scenario where you could potentially die. It’s up there with the most horrible & frightening feelings in the world. & some experience this daily. I did.

Do you know someone who suffers from anxiety? Just be there for them. Don’t tell them to calm down. PLEASE don’t roll your eyes. They can’t help it & all they probably really need is a hand to hold & calm reassurance while they ride it out. Do you suffer from anxiety or OCD? Please, seek help. In whatever form you feel comfortable with. Do not suffer in silence & do not let it control your life. I still have attacks but they are nowhere near the regularity or severity they once were. & do not be afraid of medication. It got me through a trying time in my life & is still helping me now.

Visit any of these sites or see a GP for more info: Beyond Blue, Mind Health Connect, SANE Australia.

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