I used all capitals for the title of this because in real life I’d scream it at you. Real loud. FREE STUFF! 

I chose to give away candles from the Glow Co for simple reasons, really. I’ve loved these candles from day dot & there’s nothing quite like someone following their dreams. & achieving them, might I add.

If I was ever going to plug ANYTHING it has to be a brand/product/company I am genuinely passionate about, & love “in real life”. I’m not really down for giving something away purely because it’s been offered to me or is easy to flog. I have Glow Co candles around my house, & Hollywood is the best scent I have ever come across in my whole life. Even Glasshouse cannot touch this scent. BIG CLAIM, I KNOW. It’s true.

So, I am giving away FOUR Glow Co candles. TWO Hollywood & TWO Mermaid (which is my second favourite). All you have to do is repost the graphic on Instagram. Hashtag #ssxgc. Follow & tag me @courtseesquared. & then cross your fingers & wait until this time next week.

OR if Instagram isn’t your thing, you can subscribe to this blog (the button is at the VERY bottom of the page).

I love you all, I wish I could give away something for nothing. But I’m not that popular/rich/selfless yet. So plug me real good & you might win!


2 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY TIME

  1. Sharon Fawcett says:

    I don’t have an instagram thingy but I’ve subscribed to your blog and shared on facebook and twitter.

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