About See Squared

See Squared is a personal/perhaps professional/opinion/diary type confessional and tongue-in-cheek blog written by me, Courtney Collins.

Fully qualified and what-to-do-now, Media & Communications student from Western Australia. Majoring in journalism & criminology.

I also happen to date an AFL player, making me a West Coast “WAG”. Whatever that means. I once went to a launch party & get to see movies for free. That’s it.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am an honest person, sometimes to the point of being offensive. I’m partial to a good swear word or 100 in the one sentence.

I hope to keep this honesty as a reoccurring theme throughout my writing. If I’m lucky I might make you laugh, teach you something new, or just reaffirm the fact that you don’t really care what I have to say. Like, at all. This is all okay.

But I do hope you keep coming back,



18 thoughts on “About See Squared

  1. jennifer horne says:

    Hi court, I stumbled across a person i follow on instagram who liked your blog or your pic so I had a read of your most recent blog about being a WAG and before I knew it I read all your blogs. You’re very open, honest and witty we definitely have the same humour and luv of occasional swearing πŸ™‚ as you wanted topics to write about, as an atheist I’d like to hear your opinion of religion if you are/aren’t and how it affects the world I.e the power it has over people who don’t realise they can change their minds or beliefs. I think your opinion would be interesting as you write honestly and straight to the point. Follow me back on insta if you want @savrossi41 and I look forward to your next blog. Jen, 28 Melbourne

    • courtc28 says:

      Hi Jen! Thanks for leaving a comment, time is precious and when someone uses theirs to give me feedback it’s a fantastic feeling πŸ™‚ I’m really scared of touching on religion, it’s so contentious and I find it hard to define where to start and where to end. I am an atheist I guess, brought up Christian who happens to have an extremely visible bible reference tattoo. Having said all this maybe that could be my starting point haha. Please visit again and I look forward to possibly more feedback!

      • jennifer horne says:

        Yeah fair enough I have a diverse friend circle ranging from catholics to Buddhists so its always a debated convo. Thanks for replying court!

  2. Lesh says:

    Hey Courtney,
    I follow you on IG through some mutual friends (friends cousins dogs aunty). I too suffer from anxiety and a mood disorder. Would love to hear your take on anxiety, mental health issues and the way it is perceived by society. Fantastic writing. Can’t wait to read more. Lesh x

    • courtc28 says:

      Hi Lesh! It’s something I’m definitely going to write about, thank you for letting me know its something you’d be interested to read. There’s a lot of misconception about mental health issues and I believe it’s something a lot of people experience at some point in their lives, so talking about it is important. Keep an eye out its coming πŸ˜€

  3. Lesh says:

    Awesome. I will keep checking back! Thanks for replying. It’s important as a reader leaving feedback that your comments are noticed. So cheers x

  4. Hey Courtney I saw your post on Mamamia today. You’re a good, up front writer. Good luck with the uni studies – I also studied journalism and communication and blogging was the best thing for practice.

  5. mjd2705 says:

    Hi Carly,
    I found your blog through Mamamia. Congratulations on having one of your posts reproduced on such an influential spread with such a wide reach so early on in your blogging career! Amazing stuff.
    Can’t wait to read more of your posts as I really enjoy your up front, candid writing style. I identify with a lot of the stuff you’ve mentioned already – my little brother is a talented footy player, hopefully with a long career ahead of him, I suffer from anxiety & depression, I am also a communications student and have just started my own blog.

    Looking forward to more,

  6. mjd2705 says:

    Oops, that was supposed to be Hi to Courtney!

    • courtc28 says:

      Hi Miranda! I’m about to make a coffee & hop onto your blog πŸ™‚ I’m sorry you suffer from depression & anxiety- it’s something I know too well. I’m hoping to write about it soon!

  7. Belinda Bryan says:

    Hi Courtney! I came across your blog last night, read all of them, woke up and read them all again. I felt like you had taken all my thoughts and made sense of them. It was a strange feeling really. There is so much I want to say and so much I want to ask, that I feel like I could write a whole blog in reply to you. Reading your blog ‘Suicide’ quickly changed you from a blog writer to someone I want to know, sounds weird I bet. I related to every single sentence. Can I ask, how did you move on from that type of love? It’s been 5 months since my ex broke up with me, we still talk, but I guess I still have the mind set that you had “I can’t breathe without you” and I have no idea to pretend that I don’t love him. Instead of keeping busy I stay in bed all day and watch my phone like a hawk in hope of seeing his name appear. On a lighter note, your blog inspires me.. something I haven’t felt in months!

  8. Courtney says:

    Hi Courtney,
    I really enjoy your blog and I’m constantly checking my emails in the hope that you have posted a new piece of writing. Yes, I subscribed. I find your writing to be incredibly inspiring. I have a friend like you but she’s on the other side of the country. Reading your blog reminds me of her and makes it just slightly easier to be so far from her. I feel like she is doing well. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you need to update your ‘about me’ section as it says you’re “almost qualified”. I know for a fact that you are now qualified and you should share that achievement with the cyber world.
    Happy writing!

  9. Don Roca says:

    Keep it up Court, fucking love your work. πŸ™‚

  10. Simone Sheree says:

    Hi Courtney!
    I stumbled across your blog while searching for Liston trophy dress ideas for tomorrow night (to buy the wonderful expensive zimmerman dress I’ve had my eye on for weeks, or just rewear something in my closet – THE BIG QUESTION) and started reading your posts, WOW. You are actually a breath of fresh air and are saying EXACTLY how I feel.
    Will definitely keep revisting! Good luck for the awards night this year!

    • courtc28 says:

      Oh what a lovely comment. Firstly, I hope you bought the Zimmerman dress?! I have a dress & jumpsuit from 5 years ago now (holy shit?! I’m old) which I STILL WEAR! Timeless. Thank you so much. My main goal is just to be honest, always. & I’m glad you like it. Hopefully speak again soon πŸ˜€

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