All-out war, bitch

If I was in a Disney movie, I would be the antagonist. Although I was born a princess according to my family, I am no Princess Aurora, I am most definitely Maleficent. This is not to say I am not a good person. I’m constantly surprised at how we paint people as good OR bad. Black OR white. Where are the shades of grey? I seem to always come off as the bad guy (girl). I’m easy to dislike, & I guess this is because I have a penchant for distasteful language & think humour is just being crass. Even growing up pigeon holed to the dark side, I had no fucking idea what it was like to project something to the masses, & have most reply by character assassinating me. I mean fucking slaughtered point-blank-shotgun-to-the-head kind of assassinated.

Me when I don't get my way (or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty).

Me when I don’t get my way (or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty).

The people who get my humour have been the most wonderful human beings one could ever hope to come across, & there HAS been LARGE AMOUNTS of positive feedback. Sometimes I have been overwhelmed with kindness, & have wanted to find & hug each person who has taken the time to tell me to “keep going girl I LOVE this shit!”. It’s not that the flak has been in large numbers. It’s the POISON in it. The pure, unadulterated, I want to fucking kick you until you assume the curled up slater-bug position & beg for my forgiveness & swear off ever having an opinion again, kind of hate. Why are women so hard on other women? WHY IS IT WAR? Why is it whose life is harder, who works harder, who is smarter, who is skinnier, & who can write the longest & most hate-filled comment possible? Also, why do we think we know each other based on a Facebook status or a 900 word blog post? Humans are fickle. They are intricate. They have varying layers & are contradictory in nature. Especially women. Why do any of us (including myself) think we know someone enough to call them a whore, an attention seeker, or call them stupid & self indulgent? God, someone even said my writing had a DIRECT correlation to sucking dick. What? How? How can 900 satirical words about something have ANYTHING to do with how a girl gives head?

Degree almost in hand, home owner, sometimes blogger & purely '"second fiddle" with nothing to offer.

Degree almost in hand, home owner, sometimes blogger & purely ‘”second fiddle” with nothing to offer.

I am NOT saying I don’t say mean things. I am NOT saying I am perfect. I am NOT saying all women are like this. I am NOT condemning anyone, for each person has their own feelings & struggles no matter what they have done. I am concerned. Really, I am. I’ve had a week of deeply empathising with people, & reconsidering how I treat people. Namely other women. I will be the first to admit, I LOVE a good bitch. I love to rant. I love to get angry. I love to absolutely condemn someone’s opinion &let me tell you why this is so fucking wrong”. Would I call someone I do not know out on social media, tell them they are worthless & I hate them? No. There’s a line & that would be crossing it. Say what you will in your lounge rooms, at dining tables, at coffee shops or when you’re sloppy after having half a bottle of wine. IT’S FUN! It’s so much fun. Let’s not rip each others faces off publicly. Imagine if we actually had to fight each other with keyboards… That would be way more fun. Bash each other in the head with them until someone is declared victor. It seems way less futile. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO AN OPINION. & god bless the internet for such democracy. But please, the right to an opinion is not the right to abuse. Save it for drunk talk with your mates.

Approach EVERYTHING you do in life with the assuredness of Mr. West.

Approach EVERYTHING you do in life with the assuredness of Mr. West.

I am not overly religious. More of a fatalist. But this is real talk right here;

Matthew 7:1-3

King James Version (KJV)

 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

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27 thoughts on “All-out war, bitch

  1. Natalie says:

    People are nasty because something is missing in their life and they need an outlet, someone to blame. Sometimes when they don’t have anyone to blame, they turn their little computers on and attack someone on the Internet. It’s like calling Telstra; “well they aren’t human mentality” and it’s so wrong, sad and pathetic! It’s kind of frightening how publicly horrible people can be. Apprently we are supposed to WANT to have children and bring them into this world? Righto then. Brutal place but do not ever let a few tacky naysayers without class EVER EVER get you down! It’s like when I yell at the Bombers players, when I actually stop and think about it, I couldn’t do it so I should shut the actual fuck up.

    • courtc28 says:

      We are all guilty of it. I retreated into myself the past week & have been really battling with what is right & wrong. Yelling at AFL players at the game? Acceptable. Calling them a useless c*nt on twitter? Not. There are boundaries I guess & so many people are crossing them without concern. We really should try to be more like the buddha & love & accept everyone. Including ourselves. But I am still down to character assassinate at TABLE TALK (privately) haha.

  2. Rahni Burton says:

    I love your blogs! They are witty, honest, fresh and SO relevant!

  3. Amanda says:

    So true! And again amazingly written. Unfortunately with the way society seems to be going it doesn’t seem likely that people with stop verbally attacking people online or putting them down. Yes, everyone has opinions and gossiping between friends is great fun but there is a line. It’s great to see people standing up and acknowledging how wrong it is! Keep up the blogs!!

    • courtc28 says:

      It’s a very sad reality Amanda, I agree. We all do it we just need to make sure we stay within gossiping & don’t stray into bullying/down right abuse. Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Dylan says:

    Hey court! I absolutely love your blog! Honesty is such a refreshing change in today’s society and you give it in spades which I admire! I love reading your articles and really admire you as a person 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Haters gonna hate. I for one have loved following you on Instagram for a while now and have been loving your blogs so far. Keep it up, and don’t let them get to you!

  6. Shona says:

    Love ready your blog Courtney. Very enlightening. : )

  7. teeks says:

    Love reading your stuff! Don’t change who you, and especially not your opinions. They make you who you are. The problem with women is they spend too much of their energy putting other women down rather then empowering them. Men have already one if this is the case. We are all human and think, look, act differently. Our opinions shouldn’t dictate us but help others open their minds to difference. Fuck. Where’s the love!

    • courtc28 says:

      EXTREMELY well put. If you do not agree with what someone says, at least try to understand where they have come from. Abuse is not necessary. Open your mind & accept other points of view. Love is good too 😉

  8. Maree Dale says:

    I love you Court, for who you are!

  9. Kelsey says:

    Hey Court!
    There is nothing better than a good bitch! But there definitely is a line to be drawn when it comes to who and where. Your way with words is perfect! I love your blog, it’s so relatable!! Keep blogging, cause its amazing!

    • courtc28 says:

      Hi Kelsey thanks so much! we all love a good bitch, I’m not delusional. I’m a normal girl haha. But god some people need to realise there is a line & it’s not okay to cross it. So glad you like the blog come again soon 😀

  10. Suzi Koceva says:

    Your blog is terrific. The majority thinks so and that’s all that matters!! Keep writing. Who you are is the reason this blog is so interesting.

    • courtc28 says:

      Thanks so much it means a lot 🙂 I’m just trying to be honest & myself & I hope people like it! Not everyone will like me, that’s totally fine. But I love those that do 😉

  11. Cobi Mackay says:

    I think it boils down to envy, as opposed to jealousy, ( slight but nevertheless difference). No successful journo or shaker and mover ever succeeded without encountering vitriol as well as the lurve. And Court! oh the vitriol! Inspires as much as it envokes misery, it means you are definitely shaking it down.

  12. mjd2705 says:

    Summary: Fuck the haters.
    I had a lady write a whole blog post about the downside of credit card debt, using me as a point of reference. She has no idea about my life or my financial position. What people fail to understand every day is that writing is merely a DEPICTION, it is NOT the actual person or thing as a whole. It seems like your moral compass is pretty spot on: you’re allowed to have an opinion, you know the line and you don’t go out and spew vitriolic hate in public. That’s all that matters IMO, just keep doing your thang. I love it. So many on here love it. Haters try to bring you down, but just say “hell no” and move on. Fuck the haters.

    • courtc28 says:

      I’m really glad it’s not just me. It’s very selfish I know, but it’s hard not to think the world is against you! I know it’s not. but when there’s people saying such horrible things it’s hard to think positively. I can’t believe someone would think it is okay to write about you in any capacity when they don’t even know you. Hell, even if they did know you that’s wrong too. I love your blog it’s fantastic, we need to band together & work hard & fuck anything that doesn’t better us or make us happy 😉

      • mjd2705 says:

        Exactly! Women are each others own worst enemies but we should work together and support each other. (And only talk shit behind closed doors with our girlfriends & partner haha) Thanks for the kind words – the feeling is mutual. Looking forward to reading more and fucking the haters

  13. mjd2705 says:

    And if you’re interested in reading my response to said lady:

  14. […] of bullying. ‘Cyber-bullying’. I cannot deny that respect is lacking on the internet. I’ve experienced it myself. Nor can I deny that it’s sad. It just seems to be a result of giving someone internet access […]

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