“Oh yeah, here we go…”

Is probably what you thought when you clicked on my blog. Right? Insert not-impressed-whatsoever emoticon right about here.

Another blogger. As if the internet needed another girl with a keyboard & a wi-fi connection dubbing her opinions holier than thou & worthy enough of your scarce time.

Me. In case you didn't know. I went all Katy Perry recently & got purple hair.

Me. In case you didn’t know. I went all Katy Perry recently & got purple hair.

Well, let me just go back about 13 years & take you with me. I attended a snobbish, upper middle class private school from the get go. I did prep to year 12 there & never knew anything else. It was MANDATORY to get a laptop in grade 5. I’m talking ‘get-the-fuck-out-you-bum’ kind of mandatory. So I got my first laptop at about age 10. Most of the kids in my class played the Windows pinball that came with it, because back then the internet had to be plugged into your laptop with a cable. That shit was annoying & way too hard for kids our age & it meant that we only went on the internet when our teacher said so. I vividly remember sitting in the car on the way to & from school, not playing pinball, but writing. Writing novels. Writing poems. Writing a diary. I was good at it too. Stay with me here, I was really good at it. My grade four teacher was a published author herself, & when I wrote an illustrated series of children’s books called “Muck” (he was a blob of mud who had eyes & a lightening bolt for a best friend. I was an only child, okay?) she wanted to send them to her publisher.

We never did get them published. Obviously. But I’m blowing my own horn hard & loud because what I’m trying to say is I have always written since I mastered prose to a legible degree. It seems to be something I grew up doing, & I can’t count how many times someone ultra successful says they got to where they are by doing what they believed they were always meant to do, no matter what. 

I suffer from pretty hectic anxiety (blog post to come) & so right now my head is spinning, I feel nauseous & my heart is beating like I just double dropped some heavy MDMA caps (maybe a blog post to come on this, too). I’m scared. Really scared. But I’ve nearly finished my degree with a journalism major. And I love to write. And I have opinions. Heaps of them. I say things just to spark debate. I like when people get heated, & angry, & most of all when they get so caught up in the argument they start to get real. They peel away their layers & for a moment you can see what makes them tick & what makes them really passionate. What makes them passionate enough to abandon that mask we put on as we take a deep breath & step through our front door every morning. I’ll check my mask at the door every time I come to write a post. I promise.

As for my content: anything & everything. Head to my about page & fill out the form if you have ANYTHING you would like me to write about. I want to hear from you, & I want to write for you.

All-in-all, why did I start this blog? Why am I here?

work-fucking-harder (1)

(Source: www.charlespeters.net. Guy knows his shit apparently)

To work harder, to get real, to do my own thing, & to write.

One thought on ““Oh yeah, here we go…”

  1. Natalie says:

    Suggestion: Blog Title – Swag; Why I Have It And What You’re Doing Wrong – paired with beanie pic, someone gotta let these girls know, they definitely do not have it! 😉

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